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Thanks for the info.  We are well on our way to a true drylot!  A couple of questions:

1)  I uploaded several additional pix of Buddy's feet, but they didn't end up in his album.  I guess I didn't upload them to the correct place.  I can see them in "pictures" on the site, but they are not in the album "Buddy & Kelly" with his other pix.  Is there a way I can move them there?  (sorry!)

2)  I will contact the vet that treated him last fall next week and get something set up.  Since he basically already told me he really doubts IR because of Buddy being thin now and he doubts rotation, how do I approach the subject of wanting to go ahead and do the leptin/insulin/glucose testing at Cornell and some xrays anyway?  I don't want to insult the guy - he has WAY more experience with horses than I do.  Is there a proper way to address this?  I was thinking the overprotective mom would be a possibility, as this is the truth!

3)  Is there a way to know 100% that his last bout was laminitis vs. something else?  We have worked really hard to get to the fitness and training level that he is at and I hate to stop at this point if we don't have to.  His soundness and happiness are my FIRST priorities.  If I have to wait several months to ride/train I will.  (He gets Nov-Mar off always because I don't have an indoor).  Are there ever any circumstances where work may safely resume earlier?  I have had two vets and the farrier tell me to go ahead and ride and see how he goes.  My concerns with this advice have brought me here.  I am hoping xrays and blood tests will give us more info to go on.

4)  Do horses ALWAYS exhibit a lot of serious lameness when there has been rotation or other damage that could be exacerbated by riding?

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Kelly & Buddy

April 2014



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