Misty Folz History - Dr Kellon? Was: Help Needed - Long


Hello again,

I'm so sorry, I have exhausted myself trying to get a Case History up on EC 8
but I have not been able to get any further than creating a file with
Misty's name on it, so I am posting as much of her history as I can think of here.

Registered Morgan Mare
DOB 6/28/87
Approx. 1,015 lbs.

Cushings and IR - Oct 2002 (Dr Kellon)
Anhydrosis 2007  (Vet)
Previous Founders (4) from 1995 - 2000.
- 1 from Bute overdose - 3 from Vaccine reactions (2 of the 4 times severe rotation
Pulled or slightly torn tendons in both front legs in 2012, which she has
not been able to recover from.


August 2013

ACTH 102  Ref  (9-35) ....... 2012 - ACTH 189
 Insulin  56.25  Ref (10-40).........   2012 - 100.42
Glucose 84  Ref (71-113)........ 2012 - 87

Retired from any work
20x20 barn area with a round pen attached when able to tolerate going
outside; (Can't tolerate the direct sun)
Free choice grass/light mix 2nd cutting hay = 22lbs per day or more
NO pasture
Treats - TC - Lite or Peels from 1 apple on Birthdays and Christmas
1 1/2 lbs Beet Pulp twice a day with supplements/Flax balanced to the hay.
1 to 1 1/2 lbs a day of Triple Crown Lite/divided
1-2 Tbs loose table salt in BP w/additional plain white salt block

Currently on 5.025 mg Pergolide (2.075 am & 2.5 pm) given with meals
NO current Lab work.
Crest is very minimal, no large fat pads, no fat
pads above eyes, etc. Appetite is normal. Just recently seeing some weight loss.

Currently in Soft Rides with Turquoise/purple ortho inserts.

The vascular supply in her front feet has become more compromised
and bone absorption and remodeling has worsened since January of this year.
I would like to know what more I can do, if anything, to try to keep her as comfortable as possible until it's time.
She is a happy horse on Banamine but I know that this is not an option for any length of time.

I have x-rays that I am willing to share IF I am able to get them posted.

Thank you for any help at all.

Kris & Misty
Central Ohio
Oct 2002

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