Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Hannah T

Ok, thankyou. I will get the APF and wait for Zig to be stabilsed on the pergolide first. The vet came back out today. Ziggy's 'crazy' behaviour has decreased slightly since I lowered to the dose to a quarter. But it seems he is starting to go blind in his left eye.  Do you think this is related to his cushings and IR problems? I still plan to move him when he is ready, but it is now going to be very tricky as he is a bad traveller anyway and gets very stressed in new environments. This is going to take some training and practice to give him the confidence to load etc.
On a different topic, I read today on a laminitic website that a carb/starch overload can occur (and therefore bring on laminitis again) in a 500kg horse if he has more than 2kg in one feed or haynet at a time in one feed.Is this true?

Hannah, Uk, 1/8/14
Ziggy and Jaffa

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