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Hi Lorna, Yes, I tried to follow the instructions and I was able to download the file to my computer but it still would not open for me even then.

Thank you so much, Lavinia, I will send you the x-rays. Do you want the previous ones from January as well as her current ones?

I have always worked with Dr Kellon through private consultations and if I remember correctly, I've divided the doses in order to avoid stomach upset. Misty's  ACTH & Insulin have never been brought into normal range since her first labs were done in 2002. She has always had a sensitive system; (prone to mild colic or diarrhea) after she had severe colitis in 1995 from the Bute overdose and she has also been known to have a hypersensitivity to drugs. She is one of Dr Kellon's miracle horses.

Due to her strong will to live, I am willing to continue to treat her as though she is living rather than dying, however, I first must get her pain under control and that is what I need help with first. If I remember correctly, pain can alter the lab results (?)

Kris & Misty

Central Ohio

Oct 2002

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