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Most of my posts are taking forever to show up here. Is it just my luck or is that the way it is here now?

>You can order some 0.5 mg capsules, and we can tell you exactly how >many of the 2.5, .25 and .5 mg caps to give at each dose.  Or, if you want to >spend a bit more money, you can order the exact dose for the decreasing >dose.

Thank you, Jaini.

Regarding the Pergolide, which option would be less risky to Misty? IF it's option #2, would you please clarify/break this down for me? I would like to order what I need for her today. Also, which has been proven to work better for the horse, giving it AM or PM?

I would very much appreciate any knowledgeable input regarding her current X-rays AND how to control her pain while addressing her Cushing's/IR issues. She is needing the Banamine every day and my Vet suggested using Previcox instead and I already have some for our dog. He told me to give her 1/4 of a 227 mg tablet once a day. Of course, I'm nervous about doing it since she has never had it before so may I please get your input regarding this as well?

Thank you all again so much and thank you, Lavinia for posting Misty's  Radiographs. (I have TONS more where those came from) 

Kris & Misty

Central Ohio

Oct 2002

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