Re: shawnee hoof pics

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melanie,

Your case history is in ECHistory7. Since Yahoo made the Neo changes it has been quite an adventure trying to access things, even when one had no issues before. I'll send you an invite to ECHistory7 so you should be able to re-join and access it.

Here is the link to the new photos folder:

Took a quick look at the photos and xrays. Overall, the bony column appears to be in pretty good alignment. However, there are several significant ripples in the hoof walls indicating regularly occurring insults to the laminar connections. This could be related to the grazing or something else. The toes are still too long - meaning too far in front of where they need to be in a horizontal direction. His soles in the front of the feet are thin. Appears the bony column isĀ sitting lower in the hoof capsule than it should be, which along with the long toes, would be reasons for the thin soles. Heel height not bad but they appear a bit run forward.

Looks like the frogs are recessed lower than the sole - is that correct or just a visual distortion? The frogs should be level with, or slightly higher than, the live sole plane.

I can do some specific mark-ups if you'd like.

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Jan 05, RI

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