To buy or not to buy a Cushing's horse


I am thinking about adopting a school horse when he retires in a few years but I am worried about the cost and care of his Cushings Syndrome. He is pretty healthy, and to my knowledge does not have any lameness issues. He has the typical bulge on his crestline and thick coat and sweats easy during rides, he is in his mid to late teens. While I will discuss his case with the owner before agreeing to take him I just want to know what other people do and struggle with when it comes to Cushings. I have become very attached to the horse and will want to provide a good home for him when he retires but I have never dealt with a Cushings horse. What is the quality of life like? Do they require medication? Do they all have lameness issues? How much work is to much (obviously depends on the horse, but can they be ridden without huge concern)? Special feeding needed? Anything anyone can think of will help. After having had a few horses in the past with hoof issues I wasn't looking to take on another health case but seeing as I no longer want to show and only ride for fun he may fit the bill.

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