Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Hannah T

Great news here today Mandy!Both Ziggy (IR and Cushings) and Jaffa (IR) have been signed off by the vet and farrier as being fully sound and can start a proper exercise program! Just need to get Ziggy's Prascend dosage increased gradually now to control his ACTH. Am getting them both re-blood tested in a month to check all levels of everything again and make sure this is working.Any advice in an exercise program? I was going to start them both off with walking for 2 weeks in soft ground and some hill walking. Then start short periods of trot for another 2 weeks, then short periods of canter after 2 weeks again, and generally build up the schooling.Hannah, 1/8/14,UkZiggy and Jaffa

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