Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Hannah T

Hello,Yes, they were both re-xrayed afterwards.But the only ones that have come through from the vets so far are Ziggy's 2 front feet after the trim.These are in the link to the photos also.The other post-trim xrays from the rest of the feet I had to see in person at the vets because something went wrong when they were trying to send them to me. For some reason, every time I try to post the links to my folder in a message, it keeps saying 'error'. Sorry, I am not quite sure what I am doing wrong with copying and pasting it. For these inhand straight lined walks,do you think I should get some cushioned 'equi boots' to pop on him as well? He is getting quite wound up in his stable because he has been in since January, so I am hoping some short walking will calm him down and make him feel he has a purpose.Hannah,1/8/14,UkZiggy and Jaffa

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