New Katie test results & Neo problems

Judy Slayton

Hi Everyone,
I just had Katie re tested and received results today. I went to review my pics and all of 2014 is gone even though it shows account updated in Feb. Does this mean Neo has eaten them? They were there before. Her history file was there but said the group was out of space? Does that mean I have to move all her stuff again? Help?

All came back except leptin (pending) Blood pull went well, the best ever and she is feeling well. I have been riding some, taking her on walks, trimming monthly, eating well and yet her acth climbed from 16.8 to 24.7. Insulin 142.33 up, glucose 104. Has been running 95-97. Her diet is good, even found a flax she will eat, finally! just beginning to switch supplements and hay for the upcoming feed season. Her feet are looking pretty good. If they were there you could see them, grrrr. Thought we were good and just needed the heat to calm down so we can get more exercise but yet in the last couple weeks, she has been very hungry and after the last few years of being a hard keeper is becoming an easy one again, some fill on bottom of jaw line, very slight stocking up on rr leg that goes away with movement, some drooling (not dental related) and wants her boots more again-we had gotten several days without. Those are the start of her IR symptoms. I read the files and ecirhorse on the seasonal rise but am still confused and unsure. I think I need to increase my dose. We are at 1.75 prascend and we always worry how much of the .25 actually goes down the hatch because of the wet mouth. She is like pavlovs dogs and actually waits with mouth open for her syringe and carrot piece of pink pills.

 So IR driving acth or acth out of control driving IR? She does not do well with dose increases so do not want to do that if I can avoid it but certainly do not want to go backwards again. Advise? please.

Could someone confirm that I am testing correctly? They are fed all day, last meal and bag at 10pm. I think she runs out of food about 2-3am. We feed again 6:30am. Give prascend and no minerals on test day. 8am I put out more food which lasts until vet comes at 10am. Is this the correct way?

Thanks very much for the help. I will update her file when leptin comes in and will hope the pics suddenly reappear.

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