Re: 2 crippled ponies.Please help.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Hannah,
You aren't doing anything wrong with posting your links. They are fine when you click on them even though Yahoo puts a note on them saying there is an error. It is a Yahoo issue so nothing we or you can do to change it :(
Your xrays are not in your case history folder - they are in the Photos section of ECHistory8, please see the links I included before. If he is sound then you don't need boots for the walks - only if he seems in any way sore or uncomfortable. I agree with you that he needs to get out - we do not recommend locking horses/ponies into stalls. Is there an area where he can be turned out that doesn't have grass and is small enough that he won't get to running around too much? That would be ideal in addition to the hand walking. He can also go out with companions if everyone stays relatively calm.
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Jan 05, RI
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