Re: New Katie test results & Neo problems

Nancy C

Hi Judy...I can see her photos up to February 2014. playing with the choices under ACTIONS in the upper right hand corner.Agree something is driving her glucose and insulin. It may help to know leptin. Agree her IR symptoms are starting again. Does she cycle regularly? Have you thought about iron overload?  If you were in the  northeast, I’d be worried about lyme disease.I think you have tested and balanced your hay? Not clear with your supplements. What is ESC and starch? Weighing the hay?IR does not drive ACTH but lack of control of ACTH can drive IR. She may need to be more tightly controlled, ie with ACTH lower in the so-called normal range. I *think * your feeding is okay on test day but it might help to make sure she has a longer trickle feed.  Maybe another bag of hay?  Not more if she is currently getting enough calories to meet her needs, just different placing to slow her down?Getting the pergolide in is important.  If she has problems with Pergolide increases, look to ADAPTOGENS (see info in FILES) ie, APF.Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance

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Hi Everyone,
I just had Katie re tested and received results today. I went to review my pics and all of 2014 is gone even though it shows account updated in Feb.

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