Re: New Katie test results & Neo problems

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Judy,

The Feb 2014 photos are all there - Neo just arranges in them in an order that makes sense only to Neo. If you click on the "actions" tab on the top right of the screen it will bring up a drop-down menu of ways to arrange the pictures. Choose "date" and it will rearrange them in a more sensible fashion.

If you want to update her history file, download the one that is currently in there to your computer, make changes, save them, then delete the one that is in the Yahoo case history file before uploading the new version.

If the blood pull was just done you are looking at a seasonal rise influence starting. She is still in a generally pretty good place but obviously it looks like that is not a good enough place for her. Uncontrolled ACTH will drive insulin up, not the other way around.

Your feed protocol sounds good - there is no fasting (more than 6 hours without food). You don't need to skip minerals on test day, just don't want to give hard feed within four hours before test as that can spike insulin more than hay.

I also have one who drools so understand the med dosing dilemma. Assuming you can't get a script for the 1.75mg capsules so that you aren't trying to juggle all those tiny bits and trying to make sure she actually consumes them? Are you dissolving the entire dose in a syringe or ??

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Jan 05,RI

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