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On Aug 13, 2014, at 6:23 PM, "threecatfarm@... [EquineCushings]" <EquineCushings@...> Hi, tried that. My computer on,y shows one pic from 14. I don't see her feb14 X-rays. I will reload next week after trimmers.

.Agree something is driving her glucose and insulin. It may help to know leptin.Yes, and I believe it will be the highest yet. She has actually done pretty well with that.
Agree her IR symptoms are starting again. Does she cycle regularly? She is cycling regularly for the first time in years.
Have you thought about iron overload? Yes, I think she probably is. I have never tested for it as I am having a hard enough time with the vets and since there is nothing to do other than what I am doing I have not pushed it.
I think you have tested and balanced your hay?Yes
Not clear with your supplements. What is ESC and starch? 5.5, the best we've ever found. This years is 6.3. Hay is weighed out and fed in buckets and bags. Except for our time together she never goes more than 2 hours without food, maybe 4 hours during the night if she pigs out.
Not more if she is currently getting enough calories to meet her needs, just different placing to slow her down?She is getting more calories than she needs. She does not handle adaptogens well so I do not use them or jherb. It has been a battle to get her to this place and except for tiny things that scare me, I have not seen her feel this well in years. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

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