Hedy crossed the rainbow bridge


I haven't posted very often in the past couple of years because the information from this group so improved Hedy's quality of life that once we followed all the recommendations there was no need.  Unfortunately Monday we had to euthanize her.  She had developed what appeared to be seizures which seemed to be related to the angle of her head. In a period of about a week I witnessed two, and a third was likely when I went down to the barn in the morning and she had split her face open requiring 20+ stitches.   She had more medical issues than just her Cushings.  Typical of a grey pony she had melanomas that had grown out of control in the past year or so, and she also suffered from TMJ.  I understand her seizures could be attributed to any of these issues.   

We loved her so much, this has left a huge hole in our hearts.  

I have a partial box of Prascend that I would be happy to sell at a discount to anyone that can use them.  I also have a bag of J-Herb, iodized salt (unopened), flax seed, and an almost new bottle of vitamin E, all of which I am happy to give to anyone that could use it.

If anyone can use any of these just drop me an email at vicki6236@....

Vicki and Hedy

 VA 2012 

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