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Hi TeriIt absolutely can get scary. You seem to have a good handle on what you need to do though. I could not read your whole CH for some reason and got cut off in 2013 somewhere.Want to make sure you buying only 30 days of pergolide at a time and store in in the door of the fridge for maximum potency.  Also have a look at the pergolide dbase that LeeAnne hs put together. much larger than Stormy, the first three listed are on higher doses.
You folks with these higher doses, addressing the symptoms and not seeing gross side effects, are blazing a trail for sure.  I've not seen any report of an upper limit for pergolide but would need Dr Kellon to comment any further. The fact that symptoms are abating as you increase the dose speaks volumes to me. Hope those in your territory will speak to their experiences as well. Hang in there. Keep breathing.Nancy C in NHECIR Moderator 2003Learn the facts about IR, PPID, equine nutrition, exercise and the foot.www.ECIRhorse.orgCheck out the FACTS on Facebook the ECIR Group Inc., the nonprofit arm of the ECIR GroupEquine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance Group Inc.


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Stormy (26yo mini -x mare. PPID/severe IR) continues to stump and confound me.  Needing advice.

She did show signs of anhydrosis/overheating earlier this summer.   She has been fine since I body clipped her, but she still does not seem to tolerate being out in the sun for very long.   I body clipped her for the 2nd time this year about a week ago.  Her feet continue to be tender in spite of great help/advice form Linda.  Trim is the best it has been in ages.  She is currently wearing Eponas.  

Thanks in advance for your help!

Teri and Stormy

IN 2012


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