Re: Laminitis related issue?


Vet is coming out tomorrow at 4pm to do rads and blood testing (glucose, insulin, leptin, and ACTH).  I have read and re-read the info on how to prepare him for the test.  Just want to clarify so I don't screw this up.He is normally fed soaked hay in mesh feed net in morning and at night.  Since they are supposed to be eating up to the test time (4pm) what would be the best way to do that without potentially causing more troubles?  I will be at work, but have kids at home that could give him some soaked hay in the middle of the day.  (He is a fast eater despite the small mesh hay bag).  Any suggestions on when and how much hay he should be given in prep for the blood draw around 4pm?Thanks!Kelly & Buddy April 2014Illinois


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