Re: Iron in Premium Magnesium Oxide (Mg 60%)?


Hi, Eva, I haven't tested it, but I've been using it for half a year to a year. It is a fine,  pure white powder. IMO testing would be a waste of time.
Understanding just enough chemistry to be dangerous, magnesium oxide, MgO, has the molar mass of  40.3. The molar mass of Mg is 24.3 (See that fount of all knowledge, Wikipedia, the the atomic weight). The molar mass of oxygen is 15.9999. (Ibid.) To calculate the percentage Mg, divide  24.3 by 40.3 = .603 or 60.3%.  The remaining material is oxygen: 15.9999/40.3= 0.397 or 39.7%
There's no room in that formula for contaminants. My guess is that it's pharmaceutical grade. In reality, there are probably some contaminants in minute quantities, as nothing in life is pure.
Cass for Satra
Sonoma County, Calif
Oct 12
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HorseTech offers a Premium Magnesium Oxide (Mg 60%).  Has anyone analyzed a sample for its iron level?

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