Re: Stormy - need advice on perg. dose, please


Hi Teri,
You seem to be doing very well at monitoring signs. The test results have conformed your observations. Yes, a vet who is willing to prescribe higher dose as needed is a treasure.
LeeAnne helped me out greatly when I panicked over the thought of Lad's new 24 mg prescription. She also taught me an easy method of gradually moving the dose upward. She sent me some empty capsules. I would take a pergolide capsule, puncture the end carefully with a darning needle, and gently, carefully squeeze some of the powder into an opened empty capsule. In this way I was able to make up 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 dose capsules to add to the 12 mg capsules I already had. By the time I got Lad up to two full 12 mg capsules, the new 24 mg capsules had arrived. This was easier for me than dissolving the powder in water and syringing it in.

Perhaps you are wondering, as I am, whether to retest ACTH in September or October. I would like to hear from the experts on this question.

Bonnie Ivey, Ontario 12/08

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