Re: ACTH results

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Maureen,

Glad to hear she is feeling better. The lingering soreness could be due to the uncontrolled PPID, IR, trim or a combination of all of theses. I posted the Cornell results in McKenna's file:

Did you also request Glucose, as that was not included? The dates on the report say the blood was drawn on 8/5 (Tues) but not received until 8/8 (Fri). Do you know when the sample was shipped?

When you plug her insulin value into the IR calculator McKenna comes up severe IR, laminitis risk. Check out the calculator here:

With that ACTH she needs to start/increase her pergolide dose. How much will depend on the form and whether she is already on the drug or not. We recommend compounded capsules. I would plan on at least a 2mg dose as you are battling the seasonal rise effects now as well as where the ACTH was already at. Need to titrate up to that dosage.

Can you post some current hoof pics for her?

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