Re: WAS; Pictures NOW: Feeding older, competitve cushings horse

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Margaret,

Great to hear you have a senior that is still competing. We need a bit more info from you in order to help you better. Could you please tell us where you are located and a bit more about your horse. I see you are a long-time member (joined in '02). We could really use a case history so that the information we provide is useful and targeted specifically for you and your horse. The current sister site for posting histories is ECHistory8. You'll need to join but that only takes a few minutes.

In general, the only way to know anything about the hay you are feeding is to have it tested. We recommend staying away from alfalfa as many horses have a tendency to become footsore from it. It also has an extremely unbalanced mineral profile when used in quantity. The general recommendations are to have a mineral balanced, forage-based diet to provide all the necessary building blocks for health and then add other feeds only if the needed.

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Jan 05, RI
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