Re: Best time to retest?


Beverly, as I understand it, Cornell's reference range is different from the University of Guelph's, which is 2 - 10 pmol/L. My vet interprets Lad's ACTH of 20.6 as being twice the upper level of the reference range. She is also trying to get ahead of the seasonal rise. Lad has been without much in the way of symptoms other than coat abnormality, while under treatment. No side effects at all.
We did the same thing last year, when he had an ACTH of 19.5 in July, whereupon we doubled his dose from 6 to 12 mg pergolide, with success. The ACTH had dropped to 5 by January of this year.

I believe Lad is the only patient my vet has that is on pergolide. She keeps up to date with the list's information. We are all in a learning process, and hopefully the pergolide database is going to help many who are on this journey. The expense of medication is difficult and scary for me, but I want to be part of the research.

Bonnie Ivey, Ontario 12/08

Lad, beloved and expensive lab rat

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