going crazy


My little mini now has laminitis.    I have had my hay tested:   the WSC is 10.8     the ESC is 6.1     the starch is .8.

I know you all add the ESC and the starch to find out if it's safe for an IR horse.

My vet is insisting on adding the WSC and the starch which makes the hay not safe for an IR horse so he has me soaking the hay.  He says I should get 'crummy hay'.

She's in a dry lot.  For the last couple months the vet has told me to give her Min-A-Vite Lite because he thinks she's missing minerals and protein.   The Min-A-Vite Lite has molasses as one of it's ingredients but it doesn't say how much.  Could this have caused the laminitis?   If not what else could it be.  The vet is insisting it's the hay.   She's been on this hay and the Min-A-Vite for about 1 1/2 months and the laminitis just started.  Wouldn't the laminitis have started sooner?

Why aren't the WSC, ESC and starch added all together to get the sugar content of the hay?

I have recently taken her off the Min-A-Vite Lite and have had my hay analysis analyzed by one of your experts.  So now I am balancing minerals to the hay.  I have not told my vet this though.

Thank you,
Susan in CT

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