Re: going crazy


Susan -
How old is the mini?

If you are feeding the same hay as you are Colleen, you should be fine.

WSC is all the water soluble carbs in the hay.  ESC is part of WSC, so adding them together is duplicating.

Not all WSCs are digested to glucose.  Only ESC, and actually, only half of ESC is glucose!  The other half is fructose, which is a sugar, but doesn't carry with it the same insulin response as glucose does.

Assuming the mini hasn't been able to sneak anything of high sugar value, would have to wonder if he's not showing the effects of the seasonal rise of ACTH - initial signs of PPID.

Your vet is a bit confused about what components of the hay actually are, and thus throwing some less than correct suggestions your way. A local vet was given some very specific info as to why WSCs are not the value to look at, and instead of recognizing that fact said - well, no one really knows.  I'm sticking with WSCs.  (Ego)

What do the feet look like?  Is it possible the trim is not where it needs to be?  That can cause some very sore feet in a 'normal' horse.  And I can tell you from experience, there are not many who understand what the mini foot looks like, and are terrified of trimming 'too much' and leave these little guys hobbling around on major deformities.

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