Re: Sending blood work in to Cornell


Yes that gets me to the Cornell site, but I am looking for the group recommendations on what tests to run and the protocol for doing it.  Exactly how to handle the sample, where and how to send it, etc.  I printed the 6/9/2005 document in the files for the client, hoping it is the correct version.  I also found Fed Ex shipping information.I am very excited about this client.  She is using the same veterinary hospital where I have had such bad luck in getting anyone to listen to this group. 

However, she is a huge account to them with many horses, and she said they WILL do it our way (pleased that she includes me in her decisions) or we will find another vet.  Our way, of course will be this groups way.  She is a tough no nonsense owner and has no qualms about going elsewhere if she doesn't get co-operation from the vet. 

I want to be sure I give her the most accurate information. Thank you.


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