Katie update, hoof question

Judy Slayton

Hi everyone,
I hate Neo. But after several attempts, I believe I did it. Updated that is. We decided to increase the dose of prascend to 2mg. So far so good. She is druggie and a bit goofy at day 3 (started at day 2) but none of the agitation or severe lethargy as we are used to. I guess I go a bit into denial when I have to increase. She really has a hard time. Thought I had some minor symptoms-no big deal but I can already tell they are responding to the higher dose.

Linda if you could look at my hoof pics, I would appreciate it. We have made so much progress but still a bit to go. I tried to label the pics I took yesterday but dont trust Neo.

We are beginning our transition next week to the new hay for 14/15 and have started the switch to new supps. CAtraceplus and some added zinc should work well for us this year. Found a brand of flax she likes. Weather inproving, hope to use her new saddle more! Can you believe she has one! Yeah! So many times, we did not think she would even make it and now she has a new saddle. Very pleased and thankful to this group. Would not be here without everyone. Vet is cooperating well but still does not quite get it. I keep working on him.


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