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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Gina,

I'll send you an invite to ECHistory8 - that should make it easy to join. Yahoo can quite maddeningly finicky at times : (

Testing during seasonal rise is fine - you just take the time of year into account when interpreting the results. It affects the ACTH but not the insulin/glucose/Leptin.

If she is having bouts of laminitis, stopping the laminitis pain is a much greater benefit to her than having grazing time. If you have enough hay stocked up to last the winter then by all means, YES, test it. It will tell you what she is getting in excess/what is deficient and will allow you to get a custom supplement made to address those issues. That's the most cost-effective, nutritionally sound way to feed any animal.

I know we throw a lot of info at you in the beginning but it does get easier with time. Just digest it like you would eat an elephant - one bite at a time.

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Jan 05, RI

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