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Hello Nancy!
     I now have a case history up, entirely due to the generosity and skill of LeeAnn (Pitchfork Princess).  Bless her heart!
     You will see that there were 2 fairly recent sets of tests.

     But another one was done this AM & the ACTH is way out of control.
They want me to get the pergolide tested (got it from PHP), which I
will do ASAP.  If you have a good suggestion of a testing facility,
please let me know.  Meanwhile I will ask the pharmacist here
for a referral......
     This AM:
   ACTH  32.3  pmol/L. ----range. 2-10
    Insulin.  15.6. uU/ml.  ----range. 5-36
    Glucose.  98. mg/dl. ----range 60- 110
    Cortisol.   6.0. ug/dl ------range. 1.9-9.2

     Muffpuff has begun to improve in terms of her comfort but still has digital pulse in 4 feet. She has been under STRESS. -  Maybe
because of the ACTH. -  Or maybe elevated ACTH is because of stress....... She has been running 102.3 at night with rapid heart
and resp  rate.
      Dr. said clip her, and afterward, temp, heart rate, and resp
rate returned to normal within 6 hours!!!!

     They want to give resveratrol, even though it causes rise in
cortisol.   Also want me to give additional 4 mg. pergolide,
pending results of potency test.
      Does resveratrol have effect on ACTH?   I thought it was for
insulin/glucose.  Or maybe it's for something else?  This I.M
Dr. is very smart......?

     I want, for the sake of everyone out there, to post a vigorous
warning about excessive use of bute.  This is not an innocuous
drug.  Even though I told them that Muff does not do well
with bute,  and even though I repeatedly asked that it be discontinued, it was given by one of the Drs. here (not the I.M.)
for months, at 2 gm. per day.  Result:  probable gastric ulcer (not
scoped because of need to fast),  and a very serious inflammation/thickening/ulceration of dorsal colon.    I.M. Dr.
said it is improving (misoprostol, gastrogard, and Equi-Shure for treatment)
but takes 8 weeks to resolve.  The additional issue is that,
because of the colon  inflammation,  there has been toxic leakage
into her bloodstream (bacteremia).    This has driven exacerbation
of laminitis. -  for the first time in all 4 feet. 
   Also I have been told that Previcox/Equioxx/firocoxib may be
less damaging than bute,  but that it is far from innocuous.
   Best to use any NSAIDS very sparingly.....
     Dubrow Williams. NY. '08




Hi Martha What does ACTH "seems controlled" mean?  When was her last test? What dose was/is she on? As has been stated before, we need a case history so we can review your situation when you come to the list with questions.

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