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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Suzanne,

I took a quick look at the hay analyses for this year. Overall, my choice would be the West Field hay as it has ESC + Starch of 4.3 +1.9 = 6.2. Protein is 8.5, iron is higher than needed but certainly workable, calcium is also high. The other two hays have much higher protein, even higher calcium and iron. The ADF/NDF of the West Field sample is higher than the other two so probably it's a bit more mature hay.

We don't recommend only feeding 2 "meals" per day. The recommendation would be to take the total amount of hay for the day and split it into 3-4 feedings so that he never goes more than 6 hours without food. Using the small mesh hay nets is good - some horses need to have those doubled or even tripled to slow them down enough (I have one of those). With the new hays being lower in s/s than last year's hay you may be able to allow him to free feed without gaining excess weight. Another idea would be to soak the hay to lower the s/s further so it would be less calorie dense and he could eat more for gut fill time.

I agree that the stress of not eating is something you need to avoid so for the week until the test I would stick with the free feeding routine and work on the weight reduction/total amount eaten reduction after the blood work is pulled. Fasting and stress will negatively affect your blood work results so you want to avoid that.

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