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Kathy Shank

Back again...1) How do I test my hay?  As in, how do I collect samples, where do I take it, and what do I ask for?  Sorry if this is already explained somewhere but I surfed around and could not find it.
2) How long can an abscess be "dormant"? My horse abscessed on the RF, which started all this.  First it blew out the back of his heel, then a couple weeks later blew out the coronary band.  When it got sore a third time the vet took x-rays.  The x-rays showed presence of abscess in the LF also.  To my knowledge that one never blew out, but now some 6 weeks later he was very lame in that foot until the farrier was able to open it up to drain.  Could it be the same abscess we saw in the x-ray?  Or would it be a new development?

Up until the LF became painful, he was doing great! He's now on dry lot only (eliminated the 1 hr. grass per day until the muzzle I ordered comes in), I removed the mineral block from his stall, took him off oral glucosamine, cut the Thyrol-L back from 2 scoops to 1 scoop per day until I can wean him further, and trimmed him but did not put shoes on.

Oh yes, a couple housekeeping questions:
3) How do I discontinue emails to my non-Yahoo email address.  The digests go to my Yahoo account, but I'm still getting flooded and when I tried to unsubscribe it said I could not do that because I was not registered with that email?
4) Can I post short video clips to my history file?  I was amazed at how great he was and took a 1 minute video clip.  I wish I had done this when he was so lame he would barely come out of his stall.  There is such a contrast. 

Kathy and Dancer (IR) in PA
August 2014

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