Pergolide Dosing



I tried to post last night but something did not work.  I was not able to copy the case history link either for some reason

Anyway, I wanted to start out by thanking all the primary responders out there for all their dedicated and sincere service in helping those like myself who are struggling to do the best we can for our horses but don't have the knowledge or understanding to know how to proceed with our horses conditions. In my case PPID & IR.  My primary responder here in San Diego has been absolutely awesome.  So much information, advice and direction was passed on to assist me down this stressful road of getting my horse back on track after being diagnosed last month.  I would have been lost without my primary responder.  I can't thank this group enough.

Frankie was tested on 7/11/14 and his results from Cornell came back at 174 ACTH.  He was started on prascend and then switched over to compounded pergolide at the 1mg dose.  I tested him again on 8/19/14 and his ACTH came back at 73.8.  I'm looking for some direction on what his next does should be to get the 73.8 down to within the normal range of around 15 or 20 pg/ml.

Thank you


San Marcos, CA

July 2014


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