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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Susan,

Trouble with the phrase "over time" is that it usually translates into never. When the heels are high and toes are long they take on a life of their own. Unless small amount trims are done at frequent intervals (every 10 days to 2 weeks at most) you are never able to make actual progress because the foot regrows what was removed by the time the next trim cycle rolls around. In the meanwhile, the coffin bone is bearing a lot of weight on the leading edge, which is NOT meant to bear weight. This results in the CB starting to demineralize and deform. It may also lead to sinking.

A thin sole cannot be protected by high heels and long toes because they are in fact contributing to the sole being thin. A farrier trimming the hoof walls along the current ground plane rather than to the actual position of the internal structures will exacerbate the thin sole issues rather than alleviate them.

Yes, standing on flat, level ground is preferred. Having the hooves clean so that the walls and soles are clearly visible is also really helpful. Camera at ground level. Here is the link to how to take good hoof photos:

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