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Hi KathyFrom sn earlier post by Dr Kellon:

Re:Compensated IR

> At 4:26 PM +0000 5/1/08, Jami wrote:
> >Forgot to ask...what does compensated IR mean exactly? I tried to
> >find an answer in the files but couldn't find it.

The term was lifted from the Virginia Polytechnic pony field study.
They called the IR ponies that had laminitis "decompensated"
(equivalent to G:I below 4.5) and the ones that were IR but not
laminitic "prelaminitic" (G:I between 4.5 and 10). I like compensated
(as opposed to decompensated) better than prelaminitic. Puts a more
positive slant on it!



If You plug your lab numbers into the IR calculator, you will see where he may fall.

IR Calculator

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What does "compensated" IR mean? 

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