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Hi Dr Kellon,
Thanks for the input, but I've always heard beet pulp was for horses in need of gaining weight, not for those in neeed of losing it.  It's a little difficult to "guestimate" the exact weight of the hay he's eating now (free fed) because he's sharing his paddock with another IR/PPID horse who is larger than Monty and appears to eat more, but I'm erring on the side of caution by overestimating Monty's  consumption by just dividing weight of hay in half, but I'm still estimating around 18lb hay at .86 DE.  So if he's now eating enough to support a horse of 800 lbs and he now weighs approx. 930 lbs, won't he lose weight on the current hay portion? For what reason do I feed the beet pulp?  I'm unclear...  

I also understand BP needs to be soaked, rinsed and soaked again before being fed, which the ranch owners cannot do.  I visit the ranch daily, but will be leaving him solely in their care from Nov thru April.  I'm willing to do anything to get him to the correct weight before then (including the beet pulp thing), but how long does the BP need to be soaked? Can it soak overnight or do I have to wait around for it?   


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By actual calculation of calories, what you are feeding him now would support a weight of 800 lbs if he has a marked tendency to gain weight; otherwise even less.  .Eleanor in PA
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