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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I was using the wrong DE.  For 18 pounds at .86 it could actually support as much as 1100 lbs when an easy keeper!
I think this is the first time you mentioned your horse shares the hay.  This makes it impossible to know how much each are eating and also very difficult to adjust intake unless both are overweight and eating at equivalent rates.  Horses with uncontrolled IR will overeat.

I suggested the beet pulp in small amounts because when soaked it is about 80% water by weight.  A pound of soaked beet pulp (wet weight) has the calorie content of no more than 1/2 lb of hay and is a very satisfying meal. You could try something like stalling the horse with a beet pulp meal and waiting 2 hours to turn out, or feed the beet pulp and muzzle for 2 hours.

You should soak a few hours to get maximum volume.  Can do this at home and pack the individual meals into freezer bags, freeze until needed.

Eleanor in PA
EC C o-owner
Feb 2001


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