Re: When the daily ration is gone

Mandy Woods

Hi Susan,
You didn’t mention if your hay is tested?   Some of us have to soak hay that is 9 or 10% esc/s.  Some horses/ponies/minis are super sensitive.    Are your minerals balanced to your hay analysis.   You may see a big change for the better if your minerals are balanced.  
Feeding BP is a great idea but it has to be rinsed/soaked/rinsed first.   This reduces the iron and esc left in from the plant when it was prepared by squeezing   out the sugar.   You can feed up to 30% her body weight in dry BP.   She can gain weight or lose weight on this.   It will depend on her total calories.   How many pounds of hay do you feed? How many meals is this divided into?
Straw is not safe in the US.  It is high in sugar.   Go into the library at Dairy One.  You may find some information there on  straw averages.   I think trying to put BP that has been R/S/R would be like nailing jello to a tree!       Have you considered ODTB cubes?   Place them around her stall/paddock like hiding easter eggs.  Once she gets the taste down she’ll be trotting for more.   I would suggest you break them up so they are no longer than one inch.  Some of the cubes are very hard.
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Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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