Re: When the daily ration is gone


Hi Susan...I too have a mini with IR/Cushings.  I have the hay tested, her minerals balanced, etc. but unless I weigh the hay and limit her hay to a certain appropriate amount daily, she would surely get too fat.  Have you tried TheHayPillow slow feeder nets (  They come in mini sizes with varying mesh size openings.  For my one mini, I have to get the very smallest size...1/2" opening....for her hay to last long enough so she has fairly continuous feeding of limited hay.  You might try going to that site.  The owner is super helpful and nice to talk with.  I would encourage you to call and talk to her if you have not tried these nets and she can help you choose the one that would fit your mini the best.  It sure has helped my mini.  Good luck!  June
Dec. 2012

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