Re: When the daily ration is gone


Hi Mandy,

Yes, I have my hay tested, the ESC is 6.1 and the starch is .8.   But according to my vet I should be soaking it because he uses WSC and starch.   I decided I'm not soaking it.   I am also balancing  minerals to the hay analysis, one of your experts has helped me with that.  

She gets 8 pounds a day divided into 2 meals.

I do have the ODTB cubes but she never liked them.  They're so hard, do they have to be soaked or wetted a little?  If not could she choke on them?   If I break them up like you say will they be safe for her to eat dry?
It's a good idea you have about placing the cubes around different places.  I'm going to try that.  She may eat them if that's all she can find.  

Thank you Mandy,

Susan in CT

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