Re: HELP! ACTH went from 107 to greater than 1250 in a mere 6 weeks!!!


Denise -
First, he's not failing!  My boy has had PPID for at least 11 years and if it weren't for his appy eyes, he'd be as he was years ago.

Since testing can get expensive, you may want to share with your vet that getting 2 more milligrams on board would be what many of us woukd want to do, and then retest.  Besides getting the ACTH under better control, this will probably more important for you next year as you know when you must start to boost the dose.  

It can take a couple of falls to figure out exactly what it is you need to do to keep him controlled.

If he was on Prascend, you may consider submitting a report to the FDA, that the 'alleged' 1mg dose of Prascend will control PPID clearly did not.  I can't link you to the file from this pad, but it's titled Prascend experiences, or something like that.

Would definitely order APF if you don't already have it, as you titrate the pergolide dose up.  If mine, I'd suggest to the vet that I want at least 2mg more than today on board as soon as possible.  Some horses need time to get used to increases, and some couldn't care less.  The APF will help minimize the 'veil' if it should present itself.

So cry, but only because you have light at the end of the tunnel.  The light is all of us who have been where you are now.

EC Primary Response
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May 2004

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