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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Kris,

The mark-ups the vet has done on the previous xrays are good - they are what is needed currently as well.

Both the xrays and pictures show that Misty's heels are way too high. Her hoof walls appear to be flaring in compensation for all that excess length or possibly collapsing onto themselves from the pressure. The farrier has done a good job of backing the toes as far as is possible without lowering the heels. Next step is to somehow get the heels down or things will not move forward. As long as she is tilted onto the leading edge of her coffin bones they will continue to demineralize and deform. At some point this affects the hoof's ability to make new horn and sole.

I'm not a vet but it does not appear as if there has been calcification in the joints that would prevent her bony column from being able to be realigned so her inability to weight her heels looks to be soft tissue in origin.

Because she is having difficulty in being able to weight her heels when they are lowered, you are going to need to work with her to help her ease into the changes. Some ideas would include discussing with your vet the use of Botox injections to help the muscles/tendons elongate; therapy and massage work to stimulate and stretch the muscles; possible tenetomies (which I mention as last resorts) to surgically allow the tendons to stretch. If she was my horse, I would start with daily, in-depth muscle work and stretches then add the Botox if needed.

I know you are working on getting her uncontrolled PPID into the normal range. This will help any tendon damage as uncontrolled PPID causes weakness in tendons over time so may have had a hand in the injuries to them. It also causes muscle wasting, which could also affect her ability to rebound.

Here is the link to her photos:

We're rooting for you guys to get over this hurdle.

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Jan 05, RI
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