Re: Help..... vet not much help - Prascend medication.

Lavinia Fiscaletti


What you are describing is the classic "pergolide veil" which many horses get when they first start the meds and may temporarily get each time the dose of their medication is raised to maintain good control of their PPID (Cushings). We recommend tapering onto your target dose in 1/4 mg doses to avoid this effect. IF your horse is overly sensitive to the medication, using the adaptogen APF, manufacture by Auburn Labs, has been found to help enormously. There is not other treatment available that will actually help to control the level of ACTH that is put out by the pituitary.

The first results you had for the PPID test were very high and put Toby at great risk for developing laminitis so it is good that he was started on the Prascend (which is the name brand of pergolide).

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Here are the responses that you were given when you first posted about Toby last year. They contain a ton of information that can help you to manage Toby so that he can remain healthy and vibrant for many more years.

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Jan 05, RI

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