Re: Stormy - need advice on perg. dose, please


So here's the latest on Stormy.   As of today (Tues. 8/26) I have increased her pergolide to 42 mgs!!!  That is double the dose she was getting exactly 2 weeks ago.  The bigger problem is that I still feel like I'm riding a runaway train!  I seem to be just barely keeping up with the rise.  I'm really worried if there is an end in sight!  Last year I had to keep increasing her dose through November...and then her ACTH started going up in May.  

I have 8, 3 and 1 mg caps on hand right now.  It's a daily 'brain strain' trying to figure out how much she needs today and at what time of day.   Did she eat better or worse in the morning, mid-day or evening?  I'm expecting a new order of 12, 6 and 3 mg. caps.   In the few days it's taking to get my order, I  realize that I'm gonna need more.  I was hoping she'd max out or at least level off for a while at around 30mgs.  That didn't happen! 
Today she got 10 mgs a.m. and 32 mgs p.m.   Her appetite has been the worst at mid day, which tells me the evening dose isn't lasting.  Right?    She is eating better in general...but still not great. I have to coax her to eat the last few bites. (Bucket feed)  As I write this, I'm wondering if I should bump her up again tomorrow.   Sigh..... 

Besides worrying about Stormy and trying to figure out the proper dose, there's the money.  This last pergolide order was $267 (Thriving Pets) ...and that won't even last a month.  Plus, I discovered some white spots on my Haflinger mare, Kelsey's eye, which turned out to be Squamous Cell Carcinoma.   She had surgery last week at Rood and Riddle (3 hrs away) to remove the growths.  So my emotions and my pocketbook are both a mess!  

As always, any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc. would be most appreciated.  

Teri, Stormy and Kelsey
Indy 2012


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