Robin Hardy

My name is Robin Hardy.  I live in Tucson, AZ.  I have a 14 year old gelding who has currently been suffering

with laminitis and 10 days ago had tenotomy on both front legs.  This is his 3rd bout with laminitis.  First trouble started in 2008 then 2011. I am seeking help with tests he should have and changes to his current diet as the vets have been no help on this issue.  He is doing well after the surgery, but if I don't figure out the underlying problem, I am afraid he won't make it through it next time.  I am seeking answers. Please help if you have answers in regards to the above.  I have a very good farrier who studies yearly with Dr. Redden.  He currently stopped the surgeon from starting surgery because we did not have the tenotomy shoes in yet.  He has taken his heels down as low as they could go and his palmar degrees were such that the farrier, my vet and a consult with a separate vet all said to do the tenotomy.  I love this horse.  He is my 1st horse.  He is appaloosa/quarter mix. I have x-rays back from 2008 and on.  I also had a venogram done 3 months ago.  He is currently fed grass hay, although I have never had it analyzed, 3 x a day. He gets safe choice special care (2 scoops) mixed with bio sponge, thyro-l, solitude igr, isoxsuprine, remission, and horseshine once daily for lunch.  Please help if possible.  I would be so grateful.  Vets just don't seem to answer the questions I have.  I feel I have a very good farrier who keeps up to date and educated in the field of laminitis.

Thank you,

Robin Hardy

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