Re: Help Needed - Long

Nancy C

Hi Kris

I was told that many years ago as well.  Very very high heeled Morgan.  Never happened.  Not to say that it couldn't if the horse is trimmed too quickly and/or asked to move too hard too fast.

They key is getting a schedule that allows for heels coming down no more than every two weeks, keeping ahead of new growth.  the toe needs to be balanced as well. I was able to work it out with my farrier coaching me to  do the work in between his visits. I have seen this work done with other horses who have long dealt with high heels.  Also seen lots of animals on this group who did not acheive this with very bad results.

Just so you know I am 62, arthritic and have bad eye sight.

You need to find someone who can help you either by coming very often or showing you how to do the work. There really is no substitute. You can read more about what needs to be done at the web site below.

Nancy C in NH
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