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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Kris,

What exactly has been diagnosed as the problem with Misty's tendons? Have you ever had ultrasounds done to examine/diagnose the issues? If not, that needs to be on the "to do list" to see exactly what you are dealing with. Getting her heels slowly but steadily to the correct length won't "blow her tendons" as you are just aligning her feet to their correct physiological position - where they are genetically designed to be. High heels do not remove tension from tendons as the muscles they anchor just shorten to take up the slack.

Any person who is certified in equine massage therapy or equine muscle therapy should be able to set up a rehab program to work on this. It will entail working on getting the appropriate muscles to release and then using stretching exercises to maintain that release and build upon it. You will need to coordinate the PT with the work of the farrier so that s/he can build on the muscle work to achieve the needed hoof capsule changes.

Try searching for Equine Rehab facilities or large veterinary hospitals as they may have referrals available to qualified people.

You'll need to research the Botox option as that is really outside the scope of this list. There are some members who have used it - maybe one will respond if they see this thread.

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