Re: Cornell Results: G/I ratio good but ACTH increased?


I couldn't quite figure out how to make an addition to my original post I'm on the Neo system.  What I found out from my farrier is Pabatsa has mild (slight) white line separation medially and laterally.  The toe area is completely normal.  Given the fact his G:I ratios are good and the Leptin is only at 3 should I not give him oats?  He is in moderate-hard dressage training, we are getting ready for the CDS Championships September 25-28th.  Also, his ACTH went up from 20.6 to 34.7.  Maybe it went up due to the fact he had been trailered and shown just 3 days before the blood draw?

Dr. Kellon I would love your input on this also.

Thank you.
Laura in CA

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