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Hi Robin,

Welcome to the list. We need to get a bit more information from you in an organized fashion so ask that you join our sister list ECHistory8 and fill out a case history form for your gelding:

Would also ask you to please upload your xrays, venograms and current hoof pictures to the Photos section of ECHistory8. This will help us help you and your boy more quickly and thoroughly. Any blood work that may have been done or other test results can also be added to your history file. Here is a link for taking good hoof pictures:

We follow a protocol of DDT/E, which is just shorthand for Diagnosis, Diet, Trim and Exercise. Need to apply all the pieces to get the best results.

DIAGNOSIS: This is thru blood work. We recommend a NON-Fasting sample be drawn and sent overnight to Cornell for Insulin, Glucose and Leptin to test for IR. An ACTH test is used to diagnose PPID (Cushings). As your boy started having issues back in 2008 (and maybe earlier) at the age of 8, primary IR may be a factor. PPID is a possible added issue now that he is 14yo. As he is having difficulties now, testing now is recommended. We have a seasoned ECIR member that lives in your area who can help you get all of this sorted out. Let us know if you'd like to have some "boots on the ground" assistance.

Why is on Thyro-L? Primary hypothyroidism is virtually non-existent in horses. IF he tested with low thyroid it is likely secondary to diet deficiencies and/or other disease processes and will correct itself when the primary causes are identified and eliminated. If he was tested while on bute then the results are questionable as bute interferes with thyroid function.

Oral Isoxsuprine has been found to be useless in horses so this is likely a waste of your money.

Why is he on bio-sponge? How long has he been on it?

DIET: Until you know more from the blood work results we recommend starting your boy on the emergency diet that you were sent when you joined. This is a safe, but temporary, feed program that could have a quick and profound effect on his soundness. Soak your grass hay for either 30 min in hot water or 60 min in cold before feeding. Dump the water where he can't get to it. Stop the Safe Choice (it isn't safe), red salt blocks, apples, carrots, alfalfa, pasture. Make sure he doesn't have any access to mesquite beans. The Remission is OK but there are much less expensive ways to supplement magnesium, if you need it at all. The Horseshine is fine for the omega 3's. Add 2000iu vit E gelcaps with oil in them, 2 oz ( 2 heaping TBS) of iodized salt. Can use a small amount of rinsed/soaked/rinsed beet pulp as a carrier for your supplements.

We recommend having your hay analyzed so that you know what is in excess and what is deficient and can supplement accordingly. This will also let you know whether the hay is safe to feed unsoaked. We recommend sending cored samples to Equi-Analytical Labs and requesting the Trainer #603 test. You can contact EA and they will send you sample kits to send them:

TRIM: Toes backed and heels lowered so the hoof capsule tightly hugs the internal structures. This is a piece of the puzzle that is often times missing. After you have added your xrays and hoof photos please let us know so the hoof gurus can take a look and make sure your trim is optimized. Although I know you feel you have an excellent farrier, it never hurts to get a second opinion. The trim is going to be critical now that there have been tenetomies done and this is an area where we frequently see errors being made that severely compromise a horse's future soundness.

EXERCISE: Best IR buster there is but not going to be appropriate for your boy at the present time.

Ask any questions as they come up, we're here to help. We ask that you please sign your posts with your name (first is fine), general location and year of joining. Adding the link to your case history and Photos folders once you have them enables us to help you faster and helps us keep track of who's who.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut

Jan 05, RI

EC Support Team

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