Leigh Jacobs

Beet Pulp can be purchased from any of the feed stores. Either as shreds or pellets.  Make sure that it does not have molasses in it.  Tanque Verde feed store, Arizona Feeds, Taylor Feed and Tack, or Pantano Stables.  Call before you go to make sure that they have what you need.  Vit E caps can be found at Walmart.  Patty Kuvik can do the sampling for you on your hay. Adobe can draw your blood and they are familiar with the requirements for shipping to Cornell.  Make sure the blood goes to Cornell. 
Leigh, Ace and Shadow
Tucson, AZ

On Wednesday, August 27, 2014 2:54 PM, "Robindh1010@... [EquineCushings]" wrote:

Thk you for the email! I would love to have "boots on the ground" person! Would they draw blood for the bloodwork or should I contact my vet? I will start soaking hay tnite and no more safe choice. Where can I get beet pulp as u suggested? I will also get vet to send me all X-rays/venogram ASAP. Thks for this!! I will reread all u sent and also get in touch to analyze my hay Robin Tucson,AZ 2014

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