Re: Transporting a blood sample from Canada to Cornell


Hi Dr. Kellon and Everyone,

 Unfortunately UPS and FedEX don't have a discounted rate for blood from Canada but they are working on it.   I could send it from Watertown N.Y. and get the discount even without the discount it is only $54. compared to $200. but I would have to take it over the border.   When I spoke to the helpful staff at Cornell they had Dr. Pasnik contact me and he was also very helpful and sent me the following information, I hope it is okay to include this!

  Below is information about becoming eAuthenticated.  Once you complete that process, you can apply for the permit online and import the horse blood from Canada:
To apply for a veterinary import permit, the person located in the US or who operates a business in the United States will need to apply for a United States Veterinary Permit to Import or Transport Controlled Materials and Organisms or Vectors.  The application is VS Form 16-3.  It may be submitted by mail or fax, or, if e-authenticated, submission may be done on-line.   The permit application and instructions, including information on the user fee and e-authentication, is available on our website:

David J. Pasnik, DVM, MS
Veterinary Medical Officer

This is wonderful of him to send but I can't do this.  It is just too much, I really strugle with Prior Notice for hay testing, this is just too much.
So I either pay the $200. for FedEx to send it or go with Idexx, my vet said that she will ask if Idexx can send it to Cornell but I am beaten otherwise!

Sue and Busy
Kingston, ON
October 2010

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