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Hi Robin

I just want to second the advice Lavinia has shared and to suggest a read of the web site, especially the section on laminitis and trim. Once you have taken a look, I would also urge you to get a second opinion ideally from someone who has successfully rehabbed a laminitis/founder case with other methods before the next tenotomy.  They are out there.

I hope it helps for you to know that we all know how hard this is.  Hang in there.

Nancy C in NH
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Hi Robin,

Would also ask you to please upload your xrays, venograms and current hoof pictures to the Photos section of ECHistory8. This will help us help you and your boy more quickly and thoroughly. Any blood work that may have been done or other test results can also be added to your history file. Here is a link for taking good hoof pictures:

TRIM: Toes backed and heels lowered so the hoof capsule tightly hugs the internal structures. This is a piece of the puzzle that is often times missing. After you have added your xrays and hoof photos please let us know so the hoof gurus can take a look and make sure your trim is optimized. Although I know you feel you have an excellent farrier, it never hurts to get a second opinion. The trim is going to be critical now that there have been tenetomies done and this is an area where we frequently see errors being made that severely compromise a horse's future soundness.

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